Friday, Mar 16, 2018
Public Notice for March 21, 2018 ARB Meeting

Friday, Mar 02, 2018
Public Notice for March 7, 2018 ARB Meeting

Monday, Feb 12, 2018
Public Notice for February 21, 2018 ARB Meeting

Thursday, Feb 01, 2018
Public Notice for February 7, 2018 ARB Meeting

Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018
Public Notice for January 17, 2018 ARB Meeting

Who and what is the Mobile Historic Development Commission?

We save buildings and neighborhoods. The Mobile Historic Development Commission is a department of the City of Mobile, under the direction of an independent volunteer Commission. The Commission is composed of representatives of various civic and public entities. The staff is a group of four professionals and a secretary who do the work of the organization, and serve as staff for the City’s Architectural Review Board.

The Architectural Review Board oversees the work within Mobile’s seven historic districts. Its eleven volunteer members are appointed by the Mobile City Council.

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