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Year Address Owner Architect Builder Description Photo
1905 n s Adams, 3 e of Cuba St. J.A. Ross N Joseph Smith  
1905 e s Ann, 3 n of Congress G.N. Smith N Robert Knight  
1905 e s Ann, foot of Brown St. Mrs. Minnie L. Reynolds R. Benz and Sons Caan & Laurie Contracting Co.  
1905 se cor Ann & Selma St. Z.T. Schley N Robert Windham  
1905 #255 Broad, 3 s of Charleston Sts. Mrs. J. V. Fisch N George H. Discher, Sr. Addition 
1905 e s Broad 4 & 5 s of Adams St. Mrs. P.M. Smith N B. Calderon 2 houses 
1905 se cor Broad & Savannah St. E. J. Kunz N W.D. Smith  
1905 sw cor Broad & Selma S.C Thompson N Day Work  
1905 w s Broad, 2 s of Texas St. Mrs. Sheddin N James Ratcliff Addition 
1905 Brown, 2 w of Ann St. Female Benovelent Society W. W. Thompson W.W. Thompson  
1905 Caroline Ave., 2 w of Common St. M. M. Bogue N G. Battle  
1905 nw cor Cedar & Elmira St. Cary March N A. Hatton 3 cottages 
1905 w s Cedar bet St. Michael & St. Louis St. J.B. Webster N C.F. Griffin Saloon 
1905 Charles & Texas St. Boys Club George B. Rogers G.A. Chamblin  
1905 e s Chatham, 2nd from Springhill Rd. Mrs. Winston & Mrs. Gage N R.C. Bosarge  

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